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Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm Issue #1 was Bryce’s first full length paperback comic book which was created and written by him at the age of 9, and inked and formatted by his father, Demitrius and published Feb 2018. Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm are two accidental heroes embarking on adventures where they battle with the most uncommon foes found in all of comic history, with their first villain being the one who accidentally gave them their powers.


The first issue also launched Bryce’s own company venture called Pankake Images, CCD and he has since published the 2nd issue of Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm in August 2018, which received a Rising Star Award Nomination from the Glyph Comic Awards, 2019. The 3rd issue published in March 2019 with the 4th issue soon to come.


Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm is a planned 10 issue series where throughout the series these heroes meet and defeat several other character villains as Bryce continues to build and expand his company Pankake Images, CCD with the assistance of his father, Demitrius as lead illustrator and mother, Michelle as editor.

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