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Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm are two accidental heroes embarking on their first adventure in issue #1. They battle with the most uncommon foes found in all of comic history, with their first villain being the one who accidentally gave them their powers.


Issue #2 finds our heroes facing their messiest villain yet. They continue to learn how to be superheroes and have to work together to save the city and clean up his act!


In the 3rd installment in the series, Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm encounter the DUNG Beetle again and with his new sidekick the Roach trying to take over the world.


The characters and stories are all created and written by Bryce Bullock and Issue #1 is his first full length paperback comic book in a planned 10 issue series. As a Bullock family affair with Bryce as writer, creator and concept artist, Demitrius as illustrator and mom, Michelle lending her editorial expertise as Editor-in-Chief, stay on the lookout for more from Pankake Images and Motion Illustrationz!

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Issue #5  Coming Soon!

Also from Pankake Images 

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Wasteland Inchworm

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And stay tuned for    Issue 2

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